Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday
The 1st thing Lily learned in 2008 = You don't have to hold the cup for the straw to still work. She was ecstatic about that. How wonderful life would be if we all found such simple things can make us happy for a moment.

WIN Party in a Box for your Child!!!

Found the best party supplies at great discount prices. It's called .
They have a lot of stuff on sale also, like a Clifford the Big Red Dog banner for a dollar. Was looking at the Valentine's Day stuff and they have a contest running now to win a Birthday Party in a Box for your child ( you don't have to buy anything to enter).
Also saw 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthday stuff real cheap.... like invitations for a dollar, sets of napkins for 96cents, set of plates for 76 cents. Great Deals!!! Check it out!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, I hope you all had a great holiday season! I'm so excited this morning because it is the first day of my new journey..... and here is my motto-

"My Life will be Great in 2008".

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? I've done that in the past, and of course it never works, so this year I just pledge to myself that my life will be great. I will see to it that it is!!!

Do you have pets? I have found the cutest web store for stuff for your pets. I liked one so much that I decided to be a rep for them. Check this out-

Critter Snackz - Just click on Go Shopping on the left to see the products.

Over at Bath and Body Bliss , check out the things on clearance. I only have 1 each of the gold sets left. One is Pumpkin Spice and the other is Pearberry. Both smell great. Lots of other goodies on sale, but quantities are very limited!

theme = 10 Predictions for the New Year
1. I predict that I will lose 100 pounds in 2008.
2. I see more money coming my way!
3. I predict that Democrats will rule the White House. (and no, I'm not much at's just obvious)
4. Wait! Is that organized home mine? Yes.... I see it this year... everything in it's place.
5. Sex! Less of me = more sex.
6. Do something nice for someone every day! Even if it's just a note, or saying "I Love You", try this.... spread the kindness. Go Ahead people- Pour your jar of Haterade down the sink!!
7. I predict the price of gas will go to extremes most of us never thought we would see in our lifetime.
8. I predict a major meltdown or overdose for Britney Spears... sad, but coming. Later in life, she will have so many regrets for her decisions, especially regarding her children.
9. Finally, I will finish things I start!!
10. is for you.........
Great Ways To End The Old Year
Take a bubble bath, pay old bills, snuggle with your puppies, stare up at the sky, organize your closet, have fabulous sex, finish a to-do list, daydream, go for a bicycle ride, paint your toenails, call your family, flip through a magazine, get your boogie on, plan a trip, do a cartwheel, think big.
I am so excited about 2008. It's gonna be GREAT!