Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well, I hope you all had a great holiday season! I'm so excited this morning because it is the first day of my new journey..... and here is my motto-

"My Life will be Great in 2008".

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? I've done that in the past, and of course it never works, so this year I just pledge to myself that my life will be great. I will see to it that it is!!!

Do you have pets? I have found the cutest web store for stuff for your pets. I liked one so much that I decided to be a rep for them. Check this out-

Critter Snackz - Just click on Go Shopping on the left to see the products.

Over at Bath and Body Bliss , check out the things on clearance. I only have 1 each of the gold sets left. One is Pumpkin Spice and the other is Pearberry. Both smell great. Lots of other goodies on sale, but quantities are very limited!

theme = 10 Predictions for the New Year
1. I predict that I will lose 100 pounds in 2008.
2. I see more money coming my way!
3. I predict that Democrats will rule the White House. (and no, I'm not much at politics....it's just obvious)
4. Wait! Is that organized home mine? Yes.... I see it this year... everything in it's place.
5. Sex! Less of me = more sex.
6. Do something nice for someone every day! Even if it's just a note, or saying "I Love You", try this.... spread the kindness. Go Ahead people- Pour your jar of Haterade down the sink!!
7. I predict the price of gas will go to extremes most of us never thought we would see in our lifetime.
8. I predict a major meltdown or overdose for Britney Spears... sad, but coming. Later in life, she will have so many regrets for her decisions, especially regarding her children.
9. Finally, I will finish things I start!!
10. is for you.........
Great Ways To End The Old Year
Take a bubble bath, pay old bills, snuggle with your puppies, stare up at the sky, organize your closet, have fabulous sex, finish a to-do list, daydream, go for a bicycle ride, paint your toenails, call your family, flip through a magazine, get your boogie on, plan a trip, do a cartwheel, think big.
I am so excited about 2008. It's gonna be GREAT!

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Happy New Year Sandy. May all your wishes come true. Big hug. :)