Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Robert gave me a card and a gorgeous geranium plant
for Mother's Day. It was a total surprise.
Happy Mother's Day!

Today is......

Happy Birthday Homer Simpson!
Favorite Homer sayings -
You'd be surprised how much you can learn if you listen once in a while.
He he he
And that's what I call a moon shot!
I told you I have too much time on my hands!
Yeah he is handsome in an ugly sort of way.
I don't know anything. At least I don't think so.
Homer turns 53 today! Homer's birthday was given as May 10, 1955 on Entertainment Tonight.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Found a bargain!

I found a bargain! Was scouring the Friday sale at Amazon and found this Hunter Lighting Sperry 3-Lamp Multi-Pack for only $39.99. That is 60% off!

Needless to say, I called my DIL, and she ordered them for her den.
Why do I NEVER have money when I find a deal?

Friday Fill-ins

1. The _lasagna I made this week____ had an extra secret ingredient; it was __ricotta cheese___!

2. _The sunshine is coming____ through my window.

3. Right now, I need __breakfast___.

4. _For a walk with hubby____ is where I went Thursday night; it was short, but nice____.

5. Why does _leaving____ hurt so much?

6. All I can think of is the _upcoming journey towards my transplant____.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _actally being alone for the first time in days____, tomorrow my plans include __upgrading my blogs___ and Sunday, I want to _go out to lunch with my son and his family____!

Friday's Feast #190


When someone smiles at you, do you smile back?
99% of the time I do.


Describe the flooring in your home. Do you have carpet, hardwood, vinyl, a mix?
I live in an apartment. Carpet in the living room, haa, and bedroom. Tile squares in kitchen, laundry room, and bath.


Write a sentence with only 5 words, but all of the words have to start with the first letter of your first name.
Silly Sandy sniffs smelly socks!

Main Course

Do you know anyone whose life has been touched by adoption?
A friend I graduated with, Alice and her huby Carl, adopted a baby girl from Korea. She is now a senior in high school with a 4.0 average. Beautiful girl!


Name 2 blue things.
the t-shirt I have on
my recipe box

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jenny Paints

My future DIL Jenny (the singer), just completed her first painting.
I like it, she is good at everything she does.
For those of you who didn't see the post a few days, here is a link to her MySpace page where you can hear a few of the songs.

Will you still watch?

I was on my favorite Reality TV News site tonight and was reading about the DOG! OMG, I used to love this show... I guess that my upbringing is shining through, but there is just something about him and Beth and their family that I love. They were A&E's TOP rated show! And they are coming back.
Ok, I also admit... My name is Sandy and I am a "Reality Shows" junkie! There I said it, now you know my secret. It all started with Survivor, season 1. The addiction grew. I don't like the Bachelor ones, but I am currently watching 'Farmer Takes a Wife'. I'm in bad shape, I know, lol.
But my question is = Did you watch Dog the Bounty Hunter? Will you watch him again when the new shows start next month?
And , yes, I probably will.

Ready for Summer!

Photobucket Got my grankini, my shades, my tunes, my lunch and my towel.... READY FOR SUMMER!

Would your Man grow a moustache for charity?

Hubby has decided to grow a moustache for charity along with a few other men from where he works. They received a copy of the press realease at the end of this post, and decided to do it for a guy they work with that has from cancer. What a cool idea! So would your man do it?
Photobucket Photobucket With or without? What do you think? He is blessed with a young face and I think he looks much older with a moustache. He doesn't like them much anymore because he says it might scratch the grandbaby's face when he kisses her. Ahh, the power of a granddaughter... I begged him to shave it for years, and got no responce. She doesn't even have to ask, and viola...he shaves it. But here we go again, one more time. You can see his progress here beginning on Monday.

Press Release:

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Jay Wiggins
(602) 321-6985

Moustache Growers Unite for Charity
Charitable offering takes new meaning at where magnanimous men don moustaches in May

Phoenix, Ariz. – Mar. 30, 2008 - Fund-A-Stache, the charity driven Web resource linking moustache growers to donors, today announced its plans to return for a third year during May 2008. The site,, allows benevolent men to raise money for their charity of choice by simply growing a moustache during the month of May. Through a simple process of linking a grower profile to the powerful features of the online donation Web site, participants are encouraged to raise funds while growing facial hair.

Fun, Easy, and Fights Cancer
"It's mostly about having fun, while realizing that in our daily lives, we have the power to raise awareness and funds for organizations committed to making the world a better place for all of us,” said founder and principal grower, Jay Wiggins. He noted that whether the concern is protecting the environment, fighting cancer or providing opportunity to children, any man can make a difference by simply putting down his razor. "How else can you help out organizations supporting issues near and dear to your heart by actually doing less work,” Wiggins asked. “Think of it as a Lance Armstrong bracelet you wear on your face."

Fund-A-Stache 2006 and Fund-A-Stache 2007 generated impressive average donation totals of more than $600 per moustache, a marker Wiggins is confidant will be bested this year. "We're excited about Fund-A-Stache 2008, and believe this will be our biggest year, both in terms of moustaches grown and dollars raised for charity," Wiggins added.

The Fund-A-Stache site utilizes blog postings and photo uploads to chronicle the moustache growth of each participant and provides an easy mechanism for each participant to profile their chosen charities and pitch their ‘staches.

Turbo Charged Moustache May
Running parallel to the notable Moustache May ( activities, the Fund-A-Stache gang is capitalizing on the facial hair growth event to add a charity component with the assistance of, Fund-A-Stache's charity portal partner. is also geared up for a big May. "We love when groups come together and find creative new ways to use our donation engine and, in turn, drive more awareness and charitable giving," says Mark Sutton, Firstgiving's CEO. "Firstgiving’s personal fundraising pages make it fun and easy for groups or individuals to launch online fundraising campaigns in minutes. Fund-A-Stache is a cool way to energize the donor community and we're excited to help these guys have fun while supporting the important work that our nonprofit organization clients perform."

Setup and Timeline
Fund-A-Stache is currently processing registrations for the May 1, 2008 launch. The moustache sporting and fundraising will continue through May 31st. All participant growers must be registered with Fund-A-Stache and Firstgiving by May 5, 2008.

About Fund-A-Stache
Fund-A-Stache (http:\\ has revolutionized charitable involvement by identifying easy and fun mechanisms to support charities. During previous years, Fund-A-Stache has generated tens of thousands of dollars in donations for charitable organizations including, the American Red Cross, the Lupus Foundation of America, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, CURE Childhood Cancer, the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center, the Polycystic Kidney Disease (KPD) Foundation, Project Peanut Butter, The M.I.S.S. Foundation, Last Chance for Animals, and several other worthy organizations. Operating each May, Fund-A-Stache solicits participation in all segments of society and encourages involvement from all whom wish to grow.

About Firstgiving
Firstgiving of Somerville, MA is the US office of Giving, Ltd. of London, England. Established in 2003, Firstgiving provides user-friendly online fundraising tools for fundraisers and organizations that help thousands of individuals raise millions of dollars for certified 501(c) US nonprofit organizations. The company works with over 2,000 charity clients and tens of thousands of individual fundraisers who have raised more than $50 million online. For more information please visit or call (617) 591-2121.

Thursday 13

Thursday 13 - The Letter "F"

1. Flip Flops - I am ashamed to tell you how many pair of flip flops I actually have, and would love to have more,

2. Family - THE most important thing in my life.

3. Fruit - I Love fruit, especially watermelon. There is nothing better to eat on a hot day than a cold piece of watermelon.

4. Fourth - of July- One of my favorite holidays... park, picnic, family, and fireworks... a perfect day!

5. Friends - I miss my friends in AZ and CA so much. I haven't made any friends here in GA yet.

6. Flower gardening - When I had my own house, I had flowers planted everywhere, mostly perennials. I miss that. I tend to kill inside plants.

7. Fishing - Hubby and I love going Fishing. There are rivers and lakes all around us.

8. Food - ok, we all know I love food. Enough said!

9. Father - My father was a #1 jerk! He was an abusive, cheating, wife beating alcoholic. I have very few good memories of my dad.

10. Face lift - Something I want and need badly. But now the liver is the only surgery I'll get to have.

11. Flying - Most of my family, with the exception of one son, hates or is scared to fly. I love it. It still amazes me that I can get from here to CA in six hours instead of driving three days.

12. Fish - I used to breed, raise, and sell albino oscars. Had 2 sixty gallon tanks. Now I don't even have an aquarium.

13. Fridays - Because it is the start of the weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Mom - memories

I've been thinking a lot about my Mom lately. I still miss her so very much. She has been gone 7 years already.
Do you ever look back at old photos and try to remember the story behind the picture? In most of these, I was so young that I don't remember it. My mom also looked so young in these. She had naturally curly, almost unruly hair, her whole life and was covered from top to bottom in freckles. My sister is just like that. The only thing I get from her is her hands, and her strength. My mom was living in turmoil with my alcoholic dad when these were made.
I think for my Sunday post, I'll write a post about my mom in my Sandy's Stories blog. I'd love to hear about your mom as well.

Skulls, and it's not even Halloween yet

My crazy hubby and I were online looking at this costumes website for plus size Renaissance costumes and he found this lampshade cover covered with skulls for only $2.99. When we met he was almost addicted to skulls. UGH! Finally I thought this was something he was over. Not! He passed on his skull addiction to his nephew Chris in Louisiana so he ordered this for him. Yeah, right, huh?

Anyway I could not get him to stop looking at the Halloween Decorations long enough to help me find a costume to wear to the Renaissance fair on the 17th. But I must admit this is a really cool site with lots of fun stuff! If you go look, look at the Lady Juliet plus size gown. It less than thirty dollars and I think it's pretty. It just looks so hot though ( not hot as in "wow baby hot", but hot as in "sweaty miserable hot". What do you think?

Buck is Tiger Woods?

What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Tiger Woods! Find out at

Going to the SPA

While searching for a spa in Cartersville, I ran across a new site called HBConnection . You can search for Spas, nail and beauty salons, doctors, hospitals, vets, grooming salons, gyms, and so much more in your own town or city. The list is growing daily. I searched the Health and beauty search engine in my town and found the Greenleaf Day Spa.
My son and his wife is giving me a spa treatment for Mother's Day. YEA!!! I want a massage. I've never been to a real spa before so I'm very excited about it.
This site has over a million profiles of different places. Cool! Check it out for places where you live.
Have you ever been to a spa? What treatments did you get? Was it expensive?

8 x 10 Freebie

Today only

What: Free 8×10 photo
Where: Walgreens Online
When: Wednesday, May 7 ONLY
How: Upload pic to be printed and enter promo code … 4MOM

You will then be able to pick up your Free photo at your convenience from your favorite Walgreens location.

Wordless Wednesday / What is it?

Pelicans in north Georgia?
OK, so it's not a pelican. What is it? It was the talk of the park on Sunday.

Need a laugh?

I have laughed so hard this morning. A friend of mine led me to this joke site with lots of videos and pictures. It's similar to Youtube without all the extra junk thrown in.
Sandee- these are for you, lol. Can I just say OUCH!
They have lots of funny videos too. I wish I could come up with a site like that. They get 25 Million page views a mont and 200,000 visitors a Day. I do well to get 50 a day!
They invented this new Video Fade-Out Example a few weeks ago for the new movie Speed Racer.

Anyway if you need a good laugh, check it out.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ok, Enough doctors for one day!

I just got home from the specialist. I have to go in Tuesday for outpatient and have that light run down my throught. I had it done years ago, not a big deal. It is the last thing to do. Then he will send all my paperwork off to the transplant center in Atlanta. Things are moving along pretty fast.

Photobucket Regina went to a store called Tuesday Morning and bought this whole set for under $100.00 for Maddie's nursery. I think it's so cute. She got everything except the lamp and the valance.
Going to rest now!

At the doctor's office

Well I am at the doctors office, waiting, and waiting. My doctor got called to the ER so who knows how long it will be. I was reading some of the brochures and found an interesting one. May is Lupus Awareness Month. I have a cousin with lupus and sometimes it gets so bad she can't even brush her own hair. Do you know anyone with lupus?
This brochure discusses a website that helps to raise money online for lupus patients. You can go on there and choose which patient you want to raise money for so that your donation goes directly to that individual. Since I now have a potentially terminal disease (geez, I hate that word terminal), I see how the financial part can become devastating, even if you have insurance. It's great that there are people who are willing others who are sick. I found a person on there I am going to help. I can only send $5 but every little bit helps. Maybe it will come back twofold. I chose Traci Condrey because Traci is my sister's name.
Also if you know someone with a disease, (doesn't have to be lupus), you can set them up a page very easily to start a fundraiser for them. Maybe I should look into that for myself.
Good, the doctor is back!


randomness...feed your mind and your blog

week of may 4: random nosy questions

1. what is your favorite time of the day?
early in the morning when I have some private time.

2. who is your hero?
My brother Chuck is my hero... he saved me when no one else would.

3. what is your favorite television program?
House, Grey's Anatomy

4. do you have a hobby?
scrapbooking, photography

5. how long have you been blogging?
about a year

6. what is your dream job?
Retirement - try it, you'll like it

7. what is your favorite place to buy clothes?
Well, I've shopped at Lane Bryant for years, but now that I'm losing weight, I look forwars to just going in a 'normal' store to shop.

8. do you have any bad habits?
overeating, talking too much when I'm nervous

9. do you feel younger or older than your current age?
depends on what day you ask me, today is an older day

10. what is your dream vacation?
two weeks in Hawaii sounds great

till next time...till next time...

10 on Tuesday

Theme = “10 Places You’d Love to Travel To (That You Haven’t Gone to Yet)”
1. Hawaii
2. Sanibel Island, FL
3. St Thomas, Virgin Islands
4. New York City
5. Panama
6. Miami, FL
7. Charleston, SC
8. Orlando, FL (Disney World)
9. San Francisco, CA
10. Alaska

LifeLock - Could it happen to you?

Do you ever listen to Rush Limbaugh? I like his radio show, and it's not because I'm old; I have always liked it. Anyway his show was about having your identity stolen online. The website he sent me to was The very first thing you see is the CEO showing you his real social security number. They are so confident that your identity won't be stolen if you join their company that they guarantee it up to a million dollars. They are even sponsored by the BBB and have 5 stars with Consumer Reviews.
So what do you think? Can it happen to you? They charge $10 a month for their service. If you order now with this code RD17 you save $11 per year. The first 30 days are FREE, so I am going to try it. My ex did a lot of crazy stuff when we sparated and used my SS# to the point that I had to go to the Social Security office and have a flag put on my number, which made my life one big hassle.
The value of LifeLock sounds great. They also have something called Wallet Lock that is included in your monthly charge, for people who lose their wallet or have it stolen.They help you replece your liscense, passport, visa, checkbook, everything but cash and pictures.
Does anyone already use this service? If so, please let me know if it worked for you.

Went to the doctor this morning......

Lily and her mom took me to the doctor this morning for a follow up. This was my family doctor. I have lost 68.5 pounds now. That is just so crazy! I have another appointment this afternoon with the specialist who will set me up to go to Emory Transplant Center in Atlanta and start the long process. She took me off my high blood pressure meds. I don't need them anymore so that is a good thing. Will keep you posted!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Learning to be Frugal

I am trying to learn to be more frugal. I've been researching this all day and looking for recipes, etc. I ran across this website that has thousands of coupons and codes to use, as well as deals and money off codes from everywhere. Have any of you ever used coupons that you found online? Do they really work? They have the codes for over 700 store like Walmart, PetSmart, Sears and lots more I use regularly. I am excited I found this.
For my son's birthday, he wants a new guitar case for the guitar I bought him last year. So I went to the online shopping for electric guitars, keyboards, drums, and other musical instruments page and found him one through 123Music that is regularly $179 for $50.99 with free shipping. Gotta start saving up for that one.
Then I found some stuff for me (wish list items) . I've ordered lots of things in the past from Lillian Vernon catalog and I never knew til now they have a flat shipping rate of $3.98 no matter what you order. I also love Joann craft store and you can order online and with one of these codes and still get the 40% off on one item just like in the newspaper. And also if you ever order from Brylane Home like I do, you can get 30% off your favorite item, plus a free phone or throw with any size purchase.
So let me know. Do you use these type codes and sites. Which ones are the best? Are they all free to use like this one is?

Voices/ Day 5

I would very much like you to hear a voice. My future DIL Jenny is in a country/gospel trio called "The Wilson's". They will be making their first appearance on The Grand Ole Opry stage on June 1st. They are also in the finals for the new Star Search this year. They are on a new cd titled Songs for Worship... The first time Teddy Gentry of the group Alabama saw them and heard them he sing- he cried. He is now helping them. They sound like angels. Here is their Myspace page where they have a few songs you can listen to here.

Jenny is on the left. This is a cd signing at WalMart with Teddy Gentry of Alabama.


Manic Monday / Fresh


Found several FRESH things at the park yesterday with the family -

Photobucket FRESH catfish

Photobucket Fresh mowed grass

Photobucket and a FRESH smile on my face -(that's my DIL Regina next to me).

The Princess and the Castle

As most of you know, my oldest son has finally decided to get married, and although they haven't set a date, we are already searching for Wedding Invitations , flowers, the cake, etc. I was not around when my youngest got married, so I missed out, and now I'm having a blast. We have decided invitations are a first. She wants a fairy tale wedding and I think these would be the ultimate invitations. What do you think?

Photobucket I think they are just perfect for a fairy tale wedding. RSVPs and Thank You cards to match can be ordered. Has anyone else ordered their invitations online? They will send you a sample proof with your own information. They use thermography to print your order. Thermography has slightly raised letters that you can feel when you touch the wording. I love that part also. You can use their verse or add your own... I like that as well.
Anyway, I'll let you know what she decides on. It is so easy to customize on this site and that is what we need - easy!
The first time I got married I was seventeen and it was a shotgun wedding so to speak. Had a small ceremony at home with twelve guests. The second time was in a wedding chapel in Vegas with only my sister being present. I missed out on the beautiful wedding and the dress, and I regret that a little. Did you have a big wedding or a small one?

Moody Monday / Frilly


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Senior Sunday

Personal Spa Day

Yesterday afternoon, I gave myself a facial,the homemade kind since I cannot afford a real one right now. Hubby and I have been trying hard to get back what we feel we've lost lately... that lovey dovey feeling we had when we first met and got married. It lasted about a year, which is normal I think. Then once a week we started having Friday night date night. We had all kinds of ideas, like a picnic on the beach, except we weren't on the beach, we were on our patio with waves music crashing in the background. Lately since he works swing shift, and I got sick, things haven't been the same.
Anyway, after my facial, I showered, and then said I wish I could do my toenails. With being so overweight and my liver hurting all the time, something as simple as painting my toe nails is something I haven't been able to do. So guess what! He did it for me. What a gift, and what an awesome hubby I have. This also led a wonderful night with a movie, and then waves crashing on the cd, hehe. Here is my proof-

Blow me away!

I am on the lookout for two new Ceiling fans , one for my kitchen and one for the bedroom. While on my search, I found some very unique and interesting fans while on my search.

Photobucket I love this one. In my small apartment, this would cool two rooms. I have never seen a double ceiling fan like this one before.

Photobucket I have also never seen a fan that does a complete 360. This is just Amazing. It kind of looks like a bingo ball holder, doesn't it?

I wish I had a big front porch to put this Outdoor Ceiling Fans on. PhotobucketThis Minka Ceiling Fan is just gorgeous for outside. It even uses halogen lighting. My dream porch has two of these fans, along with several rocking chairs, some wicker and of course a pitcher of lemonade and a good book.

I can't decide on just one. Of course I'm just window shopping this morning, as I cannot afford a new ceiling fan at this time, but this site has the prettiest ones I've seen. They have a huge selection with all prices from the thirties to over four hundred dollars. I wish I didn't have caviar dreams and beer money as my grandad used to say. But seriously, check out these fans when you get a chance to window shop.... I bet you'll find one you like. When you do, let me know which one. Who knows, I may hit the lottery and buy all of us one.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. State :: California

  2. Lively :: conversation

  3. Valet :: Parking

  4. Traction :: tires

  5. Official :: judge

  6. Red hot :: Chili Peppers ..... ahhh the days of Dave Navarro!

  7. Powder :: loose

  8. Replies :: answers

  9. Flagrant :: notorious

  10. Tweet :: bird .....Tweety Bird!