Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Fill ins

I've been SOOO sick for the past few days. I think I had a bug, and I still don't feel great at all. But wanted to check in.

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Some relationships are meant to _fail____.
2. _Cher____ is the last concert I saw; it was _five years ago____.
3. Spring should be _absolutely wonderful and can't come soon enough____.
4. Oh no! I forgot _to cook the pork chops I promiced I would cook yesterday, but I was just to sick to cook or eat____!
5. I've recently started __a weight loss journey___.
6. _Lily____ never fails to make me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _watching tv____, tomorrow my plans include _resting____ and Sunday, I want to _feel better____!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I had no idea this was in our small town until we went on our Sunday drive.
I always see the smoke, but assumed it was from manufacturing plants, not a power plant.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Seen at GeekSugar , just who carries a cell phone that cost over a million dollars?

And wonder which service would that person use?

CasaSugar shows you how to do hospital corners on your bed sheets.

Over at LloydandLauren you can find these teeny little pies baked in a jar. Really neat idea with complete instructions and pictures. Photobucket

For a Limited time SUBWAY is selling their regular footlong subs for $5.00 . That's a good deal!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Horatio Cane is back

Horatio is back tonight with an all new season of CSI Miami. I absolutely love David Caruso (drool.........).

Those sunglasses are sexy, that red hair is gorgeous, and I love his attitude!!!!

Check him out tonight on CBS at 10PM Eastern amd 9 Central time.

Jim Carrey does Horatio Cane on Youtube -

Which show are you waiting to come back?

Are you upset they cancelled Jercho? It is hubby's favorite show.

Manic Monday

Mo has chosen EGGS as his Manic Monday choice this week.

While browsing the blog world last week I came across this egg, and found it facsinating. If you know how to do this please let me know. It is a brownie baked in an egg.

Hope you had a great Easter!

Give Me Five Monday

Give Me Five favorite memories from your Easter day 2008.

1. 1st stop was the grocery store to get money from the ATM. I sat in the car and thought the flag in the parking lot was beautiful against the cloudy sky.

2. Then we went on a backroads driving adventure (remember, we aren't from here) to a flea market about fifty miles away. Lots and lots of JUNK. We bought a basket of tomatos, some socks, and a blanket for baby.

3. Stopped and took pics all along the way... loved the way they fixed up this old barn in Rockdale, GA.

4. When we got back, drove downtown to see this building, Young Brothers Pharmacy. It is known as the very 1st outside Coca Cola advertising, which is what the little plaque tell you on the wall. I think they repaint it every year.

5. And what would Easter be without seeing my Lily... she took a tumble this week and has a boo boo on her nose.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Money :: Never enough

Unhappy :: sad

Joking :: Dennis is always joking around.

Chipmunk :: Alvin

Date :: Nov 22, my anniversary

Slideshow :: Flickr

Chicago :: Oprah and the windy city

Lifetime :: good movies

Skid row :: downtown Los Angeles (very sad place to drive through)

Edward :: I think he was a king. I don'y know any Edwards.