Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Land of Employment

Well, I got a job. Finally something I can do from home. My daughter in law works for a company out of her house 4 to 5 hours a day doing customer service for Toys are Us and for Alltel cell phones. After trying for two months, I finally got hired yesterday. It's not a lot of money, only minimum wage for training and around nine bucks an hour for work... but hey... it's what I know how to do and something I can do healthwise. Looking forward to it. I start Monday.
So things are looking up... so WHY am I so dang grouchy? I think my hormone levels are going crazy or something... I'm so moody, it's scary.
Anyway, have a great weekend!!!!!


Long Beach, CA.
Saturday's Photo Scavenger Hunt
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Thursday again!


13 Things I Wish I could get for Christmas (ok Robert, now you have a list to pick from)

1. CASH BAby CASH!!! Show me the Money!
2. some new cookbooks
3. Alien or Tresor Perfume
4. camping supplies- 2 room tent, blowup mattress, fishing supplies
5. books, cds, and movies
6. more Phaltzgraf (Evening Sun) to add to my collection
7. new curtains for the den and living room
8. King size sheets and mattress pad
9. new towels, lots of new towels
10. concert tickets
11. a vacation to Hawaii
12. that $1650 Fendi purse I told you about... yeah I know I could buy a used car for that, but a woman can dream, right?
13. Mainly I want to be healthy and need your support while I'm going this crap... and that you give me for free.

3X Thursday
1. Do you think as humans, we'd be better off *without* feelings? Why/why not?
I really don't think we would be better off without feelings, because then we couldn't feel the good things like love, joy, happiness. But there are times (and I've had way too many of those) when I wish I didn't feel anything, like when I lost my baby and when my Mom died, and when I got divorced. The bad feelings are the ones we could live without.

2. So, you have a bad day at work. You put up with the day and then you go home. What do you do to relax and prepare for another work day?
I no longer work, but did for many many years. I came home, started dinner, immediately took a long soak in the tub, got all my stuff laid out for the next day, finished dinner, and then it was like a relief. I could rest.

3. Do you worry about the big things (work, finances, tests) or the little things (broken cars, the house not being clean, a tear in your shirt)? Why?
I used to worry about the everything, but now I only worry about the big things like having money for bills. Little things are nothing in the grand scheme of things.
The Thursday Threesome
::Chocolate Pop Tarts::

Onesome: Chocolate-- The joy of the Christmas season? Boxes of See's and Godiva and other "Food Pron" showing up at the office? How do you feel about chocolate at the holidays? Yeah, really!
Silly Question! Chocolate is for every day, not just the holidays.

Twosome: Pop--ping into your mind as the next thing that you only find this time of year? What are you looking forward to/forgot to go by to check on/oh, heck, it's time for? Pick one and go for it!
Looking forward to getting my tree tomorrow.

Threesome: Tarts-- ...and is it also "candle time" around the place (work or home)? ...and do you use those 'tarts' to make the place smell nice?
I burn candles a lot... but I really don't like the little tarts. I only buy them to try a new fragrance.


Thursday Challenge Theme = RED
This is not your average Coke Can. It sits on
the table by my door and collects 'all' my change.
This can has bought birthday presents, Christmas gifts, and
helped pay bills and buy groceries.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


My daughter in law asked me if I would go to the doctor this morning with her to help with Lily who is now 19 months and adorable. She told me she thought she had the flu........

but....... nope not the flu.......


sometime in late July or early August... What a great Christmas present... Have a great day.... Laters... S

Tuesday Memes

Heads or Tales = 3's

Three things we bought recently:
A Dora table and chairs for Lily
a new collar for Buck
groceries - yuck, my least favorite place to go.

Three more gift ideas:
LoveSpell perfume for Kelsi (at Victoria's Secret)
new cell phone for Robert
Gift Certificates to Amazon for MEMEMEMEME.

Three things we're having for dinner tonight:
pork chops
peach cobbler

Three reasons I don't like winter:
Cold, cold and did I mention Cold...

Three things that scare me:
creepy crawlys
not having enough money to live on
my health not getting any better
Tina's Tuesdays Winter Wonderland

1. When was the last time you built a snowman? about 20 years ago or maybe even longer.
2. When was the last time you threw a snowball at someone/something? About the same time I built the snowman.
3. Seeing that it is now December, is it snowing in your area? If not, what's the weather like? It doesn't snow very often here in north Georgia from what I'm told, but at least I have a chance of seeing some now. There was no chance in Phoenix. It is 41 degrees right now and a gorgeous sunny day.
10 Favorite Things to Complain About

1. waiting in line at a store
2. heavy slow traffic
3. the price of gas
4. Never having enough money
5. lack of health care in my state
6. always being tired
7. not seeing the kids and grandkids often enough, and i's usually my own fault
8. Not enough time in the day to do things I need to do
9. forgetting to record my fave shows so I won't miss anything
10. never enough romance at my house

1. If your partner buys you a sexy little "something" is it a present for you or for your partner?
It would be for both of us to share unless I get the little surprise I've been asking for in my stocking. Then it will be all mine!

2. What are 3 characteristics of "your type"? good butt, gorgeous eyes, great personality

3. On a scale of 1-10, how good a cook are you? I'm about an 8.

4. Tattoos: Love them or hate them. On you? On a partner? On me, Love them. I only have 2 but would like about three more. On a partner, it's sexy.

5. Stubble: Good or bad? How often do you shave? Depends on what I'm shaving, but stubble is never a good thing.

Bonus ? : What are a few of your favorite things (both sexual non-sexual)? sexual.... foreplay and striving to make things last longer. non sexual.... photography, and traveling.

Win a Cute Tshirt for your Fave Little One

From Mamanista's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, I found the cutest site. It's called the Trendy Tadpole and they have adorable, yet funny Tshirts and onesies for babies and Toddlers. I want several for Lily. My favorite is

and there is also a cute one that says "I'm Gonna Need Therapy". So head over to Mamanista's before tonight at Midnight to win your own Tshirt or Onesie.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mute Monday... my 1st one

Mute Monday

No Reruns for me tonight.....

My 2 favorite shows are back tonight. Brenda Lee has a 2 hr special on TNT as The Closer and I love Holly Hunter in Saving Grace!!!
Jamaicin' Me Crazy

1.Would you ever put your hair in dreadlocks? Their has been a time in my life that I would have, but not now. I'm too old.

2.Got any sun-holidays planned for this winter? I wish! Hawaii sounds good.

3.What's your favourite rum based drink? That's easy... Pina Coladas!!

4.Do you like reggae music? Some of it.

5.What's your opinion on the legalization of marijuana? Sorry, but NO, it should not be legalized.


1. What's the longest you've ever waited in line? I waited for almost 4 hrs to get in the Women's Food Expo one year. It was worth every minute, and we had a blast in line.

2.It's been said that, "The best things in life are free." Do you think this is true? Spending time with our families is free and is the best thing in life..... but, it sure helps to have money. I've been on both sides of the money situation, and believe me, having none SUCKS big time.

3.Why or why not?If you could go back in time and re-live one day in your life, which day would you choose and why? Nov. 22, 2002 .... My wedding day to Robert. It was the best day of my life... or so I thought, hmmmmm.... I think too much.