Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday's Feast #194


If you could live on another continent for 1 year, which one would you choose?


Which browser do you use to surf the Internet?
Internet Explorer, but thinking of switching to Firefox


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you know about the history of your country?

Main Course

Finish this sentence: Love is…
having a husband who paints your toenails for you when you are no longer able to.


Have you ever been in or near a tornado?
I lived in the Tennessee Valley for many years and I've seen one go right over our head up in the sky. But I also remember the destruction they left behind when they touched down. We had a community storm shelter and always went there. My oldest son is a spotter (voluntarily).

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Mercedes said...

Woohoo~Australia! Yes~switch to Firefox. I have seen quite a few tornados in the Tenessee Valley. My feast is served here.


Gill said...

So many people have put Australia! Interesting dessert!

Have a good weekend :-)

View my feast here

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Australia -- good choice!

What a great husband you have!
My teen daughter swears by FireFox although I am not a user but I guess I should be.

Nita's Corner said...

Great feast. My feast is up as well. Hope to see you there. Have a great week!

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