Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday 13 / "N"

Thursday 13 This week is 'N' week in getting to know me better.

1. I have 3 Nieces- Sarah, Samantha, and Scarlett

2. I have no problem at all saying NO to people. (Hubby finds this hard to do)

3. Since I was diagnosed, I take a lot of Naps.

4. My favorite Number is 22.

5. I can be both Naughty and Nice.

6. I am not a Night person. I'm a morning girl.

7. I was born in North Carolina and lived there til I was four. Still have a lot of relatives there.

8. I have a gallon jar that 'used to be' full of Nickels. Hubby spends them in the machines at work.

9. I think I must have the world's rudest upstairs Neighbor. They throw their cigarette butts on my deck and in my bushes all the time, and constantly play their base.

10. I love Nuts, especially pecans and cashews.

11. I am 'usually' a very Neat and organized person.

12. I adore Nine West shoes and handbags.

13. Show me a Noodle and I'll eat it... love pasta.

1 comment:

Alice Audrey said...

I can be naughty and nice too, sometimes at the same time. But mostly I just complain about the weather.