Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday's Links

Fridgewater - This site allows you to see inside other people's refrigerators around the world. Very interesting.

The Saddest Things I Own - A collection of life's saddest objects, their sad stories, and our reasons for holding onto these sad things.

How Many of Me? - How many people in the US have your name. Only 5 other people have my first and last name. How about you?

WeeklyShot - I thought I had seen every photo meme out there, but here is one I just found and the photos are amazing. Click on the current theme to see all the pics.

USNPL - This site gives you links for newpapers in every state, large cities and small towns included. I found my hometown, did you?

A fun thing- go to Wikipedia , type in your birthday, month and day only. It shows everything important thant happened on that day, people who were born and died on that die, very interesting stuff. I discovered Cleopatra died on my bd and that my bd is Mother's Day in Thailand.

Jan Brett - For those of you with children, this is a great site with games and lots of printables.

Track your Goals - Whether it be losing weight, organizing your life, daily living, whatever your goal is large or small, this is the place to keep track of them.

How to grow square watermelons - enough said!

Every Life has a Story - Are you a writer? Keep a journal? Scrapbooker? This site is pure inspiration!

Til next Sunday.... enjoy!

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