Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sandy's Sunday Links

OFFICIAL 2008 Calendar ....... Not your average calendar.... Almost every day of the year is a celebration of some sort, like Appreciate a Dragon Day is January 16th, and Feb 14 is not just Valentines Day but is also Ferris Wheel Day. Very interesting stuff!

Ever want to see Egypt? It's on my list of place to go before I die. Here is a site that offers a new picture every day. Egypt PicoftheDay

The Dollar Stretcher has given me so many different ways to be frugal and save money. It is one of the only sites of its kind that I actually like.

The country of Dubai has something amazing... an indoor ski resort. Check out the photos!

Stories about millionaires and how they became one... really cool.

Do you send a lot of text messages? Here is a huge list of abbreviations for you.

Store of the week =

A FREE recipe book for you (PDF format) - Recipes from Top Restaurants

Celebrities real names - Some of these will astonish you!

Craftster - There is some really cool and really crazy, out there stuff on this site. I love to see how people take an old shirt and turn it into a dress for their toddler.

Making and Living by a Home Binder , on left sidebar - I need to do this!

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