Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings

I tried something this week...... The TOP answers are mine. The next set is my husbands. Men! Enough said.

  1. Protocol :: always saying Mr or Mrs is proper protocol.

  2. Girlfriends :: Kim and Janette

  3. Shoulders :: always need massaging.

  4. Coming home :: the best place to be.

  5. Let it in :: Love in my heart.

  6. Honor :: Thy father and thy mother.

  7. Tyler :: Tyler, Texas

  8. Thriller :: Michael Jackson

  9. Angela :: Angela Bassett

  10. The winner is :: The Oscars are on tonight!

Hubby's answers =

  1. Protocol :: order

  2. Girlfriends :: sex

  3. Shoulders :: neck

  4. Coming home :: mom and dad

  5. Let it in :: Breathe

  6. Honor :: service

  7. Tyler :: Steven

  8. Thriller :: song

  9. Angela :: jolie

  10. The winner is :: me


Serena said...

I thought Jolie's first name was Angelina?


Sandy M said...

It is..that was one of hubby's answers.

Frances said...

Now thatw as a great idea for a post.
Must shout it out to the group.
You said it right: Men!

Laane said... shoulders need that too.

My mutterings are ::here::


Have a nice week!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well, men are just wired differently. They just are. They also think about sex 24/7 too. Probably the same answers my husband would have done. Have a great day Sandy. :)

Simone said...

Hehehehe - like that you both did it.

My shoulders and feet always need massaging!!

Mine are up.

Jean @ Penny Lane said...

Very good idea to have posted your dh answers. I usually ask my family what would there answers be after I do mine.

I had a twist on MJ Thriller and we matched with honor.

Have a great week! Thank your dh for the laugh, I needed the exercise.

tumblewords said...

Clever and Fun Mutterings!