Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Money :: Never enough

Unhappy :: sad

Joking :: Dennis is always joking around.

Chipmunk :: Alvin

Date :: Nov 22, my anniversary

Slideshow :: Flickr

Chicago :: Oprah and the windy city

Lifetime :: good movies

Skid row :: downtown Los Angeles (very sad place to drive through)

Edward :: I think he was a king. I don'y know any Edwards.


redness said...

Never enough ... great mutterings ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh~ I love mandarin oranges! I have made the orange delight cake out of the box, but this is awesome! I will definitely be making this soon! Thanks so much for playing! Now I gotta go back and read more so I can reply to the rest of your memes. I have noticed quite a few bloggers post a few memes in one post. As Dr. Phil would say: "How does this make you feel"?

Anonymous said...

Oops~I left this comment on the wrong post-gotta go add it to the right post!

Anonymous said...

Money: Need

Unhappy: :(

Joking: Laugh

Chipmunk: Alvin (same)

Date: Easter

Slideshow: Rock You

Chicago: My older brother lives there

Lifetime: Love the movies and LMN too

Skid row: Band

Edward: Jedd's middle name. The name Jedd comes from his grandmother (when he was a baby) from his first name and middle name. Joseph Edward~went to Jo-Ed~then to Jedd

Hootin' Anni said...

yes.....::nodding in agreement about L.A.!!:::

Mine's posted late today, but it's up now. I sure hope you can find time to drop by!!!

JennieBoo said...

I play this on Thursday.

Thanks for this one!