Thursday, April 3, 2008

Letters- Day 3

Dear Upstairs New Neighbor,

My husband works graveyards and sleeps all day. Why do you have to play your stereo with base as loud as it will go, and why is it in your bedroom? Am I the only one complaining? I don't mind rap music.... even got a kick out of your dirty drawers on the floors song, but why must it be so loud? With all that thumping noise you can't hear most of the lyrics anyway.
And why do you have to vacuum your floor at midnight? Can you not do it earlier? It sounds like a freight train on my ceiling. I understand you are young and this is your first apartment, but you have neighbors now, and you are not starting off on the right foot with us. I put a note on your door. The landlady put a note on your door. What's next? calling the cops? or calling your father who I hear is a minister?
As a final thought- "TURN DOWN THE STEREO!!!!!!!!!"
Thank you,
your downstairs neighbor


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You might want to tell this to your landlord. It won't get any better unless someone does. I'm sure others aren't happy either. Good luck honey. :)

Mercedes said...

I used to work the graveyard shift and I stayed at my Dad's in an apartment. The neighbor loved his music-rap with base. Thank goodness he was understanding when I told him that I slept in the "dining room" during the day. Whew!