Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Letters- Day 8

Dear Mr Buck,
I am so sorry that when I scratched you two weeks ago in the eye it took your site away. I know Dad took you to the vet and he said he thought it would get better, and gave you icky eye ointment, and I thought all was ok.
Now you are totally blind in that eye and for that I am truly sorry. But as you know, I am the king cat of this house, and I like my space. So stay away from me, because sometimes if you get all up in my space, I will claw your eyes out. Since you only have one good eye now, this is a warning, but a friendly one. Back away from me!
Mr Rowdy cat

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Mercedes said...

I have been so behind on visiting! Aaaaaahhhhh! This story reminds me of my aunt's dog. The Vet sewed his eye shut after it happened to him. He was a german shepherd that had one eye and three legs!