Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Fill-ins

1. There is absolutely NO way you can get me to _stop being afraid of bugs____!

2. _All the beautiful flowers and warmer weather____ reminds me that summer is almost here!

3. I cannot live without my _computer (it makes me a very hard person to live with when I don't have it)____.

4. _Skydiving____ and _quilting____ are two things I'd like to try.

5. When life hands you lemons _make lemonade, or you'll go crazy.____.

6. _Playing on our huge front porch____ is my favorite childhood memory.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _babysitting Lily,taking a bath and watching tv____, tomorrow my plans include the Renaissance Faire, then out to dinner with my sons and their families._____ and Sunday, I want to _spend all day with my son David who is visiting this weekend from out of state.____!


Tink *~*~* said...

Renaissance fair sounds like fun. I always read about them but have never actually been to one. Thanks for dropping by my place earlier this week. I love getting comments - it makes my day :D

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Tiffany Aller said...

Eww...bugs! I can handle them if they're tiny, but the big ones freak me out. You're the second person that I've seen mention skydiving - you're more brave than I!

Have a great weekend and come visit my Fill In -

Frances said...

Oooo I'd love to go to a Renaissance fair.
I did Friday Fill-Ins too.

Janet said...

oh, hope you had fun at the Ren faire! I've never been to one, always wanted to go, tho. Thanks for playing :-)