Monday, May 12, 2008

we need to buy...

a Dehumifier. My son found some here at a good price. I think I'm going to get this one. I love the portability. This site compares and shows you the best of whatever you are looking to purchase online. The cheapest price it gave me for the dehumidifier we want was from Amazon.

The humidity here in GA is already getting bad. This summer it will be unbearable for hubby and I, as we are used to dry desert heat. I left a loaf of bread on the counter this weekend and it had so much moisture in the bag that it started to mold. Fruit grows moldy in the summer also.

My son bought two from here last summer. He needed it to take the moisture out of his basement so he would not get mold. He liked his dehumidifier so much that he ordered another one for the house. This is a repeatedly named top brand so that is what I want. It is extremely quiet. The unit has a handle and can be carried or rolled on two small wheels (like a piece of luggage). I like the idea of the portability.

This website is really great. My DIL is looking for a tandem stroller, since she will have a newborn and a two year old in July. She found several here, and chose the cheapest one of the brand she wanted.

But back to my dehumidifier - Do you have a dehumidifier? What kind? Any tips appreciated!

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Diana_CT said...

I have a dehumidifier for the basement and it a Sears. I got it ion '91 and it is still working fine.