Saturday, February 2, 2008

Find of the Day!!

I found a new site I adore. They have the CUTEST stuff. It's called Katie Newman Gifts and Home .

Also check out Simply Tempted. Their sugar scrubs are to die for! The BODY BUTTAH is awesome. No greasy feel, just soft skin. You won't be sorry!

And Bath and Body Bliss is chock full of good smelling things. Try the Gingerbread Cookies Melting Tarts , only $3 for a bag , and they smell so good you'll wish you could eat them.

Last but not least is Critter Snackz. They have snacks for your dogs, cats, even horses- all 100% natural and made fresh for you. Everything is handmade to order. Also send them a pic of your pet and join the Pet of the Month contest each month to win a $25.00 gift certificate.


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