Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trailer Hitch

Hensley_color_logo_copy Hensley Arrow Advanced Towing System -
the answer to your towing needs! Guarantees Trailer Sway Elimination.

The Hensley Arrow has been the premier trailer hitch in the RV industry for 15 years. You can get the free video from their website and check out how the system works. Also sign up also for their Safe Towing newsletter. There are articles highlighting towing safety and advice on fuel economy for a more effective run. You can also call the free 800 number for their direct factory support.

The Arrow, made of solid steel construction is the only trailer hitch on the market that doesn’t use friction to control sway, improving steering over uneven roads and handling during braking. That system it not only the safest way to tow, but also adds to the fuel economy of owning an RV, as travelers can now tow with small or lightweight tow vehicles. The cost of the arrow is far outweighed by the safety and control it provides.

Check out their website . The store is open 24 hours a day, as is customer service. You can call an 800 number anytime and ask to speak to a towing specialists. All personal and payment transactions are, of course, kept secure and confidential. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the towing mirrors and the list of RV shows around the country.

Don’t just take their word for it - try it yourself for 60 days. If you’re not completely thrilled with the way your travel trailer tows with the Hensley Arrow, you can return it to them for a full refund. Once you own it, you receive a Lifetime Warranty. Also, you can easily transfer the Arrow to any trailer, so you’ll have it for life.
Sponsored by Hensley Mfg.


Sean Woodruff said...

Please do a little research before you make a bold statement like "the only company" and other such nonsense. Towing safety is a serious issue and by not fully researching your subject you are opening yourself up for major liability should a customer get in an accident. Your blog is now noted for that purpose.

Ron Estrada said...

Worry not. Your statements are dead on. If making inaccurate statements (or outright lies) in a blog or forum got folks in trouble, the courtrooms would be flowing out onto the streets!