Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday 13 / "K"

Get to know me - "K"

1. my granddaughters - Kelsi and Kenzie

2. kitchen - used to be my favorite room in the house, now it's my least favorite.

3. keys - I just can't ever keep up with them.

4. knowledge - is power! I am not very powerful these days.

5. kettle corn = my favorite popcorn.

6. kindness - There is never a reason not to be kind. My mom always said "Be kind to your enemies and smile at them always. It makes them crazy!" and that is so true.

7. kittens - are just precious. I love kittens.

8. ketchup - Love it... Eat it on lots of things!

9. kit - I used to put together scrap booking kits and sell them on Ebay. I can no longer afford that.

10. kisses - I love hubby kisses of course, but Lily kisses are even better. She's 2.

11. knocks on my door - that means I have company. Yea!!!!

12. - could browse this site for hours!

13. Kaye = is my middle name!


Wystful1 said...


I'm here visiting today because I've received complaints about the bloggers over 50 blog roll having members on the list not having the blog roll or the link to the blog roll's home page on their blog.

If, when a week's time is over, I'll stop by and re-check to see if you've updated your sidebar on your blog, including a link or the blogroll itself.

If it's not visible, I will assume you no longer want to be part of the over 50 bloggers membership and take your blog link off the list.

Sorry, but in all fairness, the instructions do say you must have this included on your blog somewhere for others who are using the list to visit. It should be accessible somehow.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Not participating this week, but wanted to comment. You are losing tons of weight and the kitchen just isn't that important anymore. Good for you. Grandbaby kisses are indeed the best. Have a great day honey. Big hug. :)

Shinade said...

I too do not participate in any set day memes.

LOL...that would require that I actually keep a schedule and be organized.

Well I gave up on that a long time ago. It just isn't going to happen.

But, I did want to tell you that my daughter's middle name is Kaye. And it too is spelled with an e at the end.
Happy day:-))))