Monday, January 14, 2008

Sandy's Monday Challenge

Today is 'National Clean off your Desk Day' .

So your challenge is to do just that... Clean your desk!

Then comment so we can see what you did!

Here are my before and after shots!




Michelle Johnson said...

I have to say your before is almost as clean as your after. You look like you have a very cleanly office, always.

pillowcasegram said...

This is good to new. I really need to clean my desk. I can't even see it. So this will be a great motivation to do it.

pillowcasegram said...

Well, in my post above I meant to say, "This is good to know." But my desk is such a mess that I couldn't even type correctly, since I have very little room for my keyboard. Okay. Here I go to clean my desk! I've heard it said that creative people are messy, and if that's true, then I must be very creative!