Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday 13

A list of 13 useful and interesting websites.

1. - Ever get those stupid machines when you call customer service. This site lists how to get straight through to a human without going through the prompts. It has many major companies that I call and I bet you'll save it as a fave.

2. Need to generate keywords for your pics, blog, etc. This keyword tool from google lets you enter a phase, etc, and gives you a list of keywords that go with it.

3. EPOD - - Earth Science pic of the day. Click on Archives for all past photos. Amazing pics.

4. APOD - - Astronomy Pic of the Day.
Both 3 & 4 would be great for homeschoolers, and I like them too.

5. - How to do just about everything. I love this site.

6. - You just put in your zip code and this site gives you the nutritional menu for all the restaurants in your area, from McDonald's to upscale restaurants. I use it often.

7. - This is the best website I've found that helps you learn how to live GREEN.

8. - Ever be out and take a pic with your cell phone that you wish you could post? Or think of something to post while you are away from the computer. This site is great and I use it sometimes. It works.

9. - Miss your fave soap or show? Now you can watch it online for free. Many to choose from.

10. - Hundreds of FREE games to play. I'm addicted to Mr Men Pinball. My granddaughters showed me this site.

11. - Find all the local craft shows, renaissance fairs, etc... here.

12. - free things to do in any area of the US

13. - what you wish your mama had taught you.... lots of cool ideas and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Very valuable list. You are now bookmarked.

Di said...

The gethuman site will be forever saved in my bookmarks and sent to all my friends.

TwoPugs said...

Thanks for the list. I already bookmarked a few!

Dane Bramage said...

My favorite TTs are those with sites I can use! Thanks for sharing!

My TT this week is #65. It is My 13 favorite James Bond Movies Stop by if you get a chance.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Love them all, but especially #1. I just hate phone trees. Have a great TT Sandy. :)

Anonymous said...

Great sites. Happy TT.

Tasina said...

What a great list - thanks!

Laura said...

I like your list.

isellmineralmakeup said...

Wow. how very helpful! :) Thanks for sharing.

BadBadIvy said...

Thanks for the link love, we appreciate it!