Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday's Feast #180

Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? If so, what did you do and who was your victim?
When my friend Dolores turned 47, another friend and I drove to her place of employment and decorated her car. We filled it completely with black balloons, wrote all over the windows things like 'Dolores is 47-half way to Heaven', added tons of streamers, etc. It looked like a parade float. We thought she would love it because she had done that sort of thing to others. We were WRONG! She didn't speak to us for almost two weeks, and then she was still upset. But we are still friends 17 years later. (She still doesn't think it was funny).


What do your salt and pepper shakers look like?

I found a pair of whimsical looking boy and girl shakers at the grocery store in Phoenix, and loved them. Take a look -


Where is the next place you plan to visit (on vacation or business)?
Hollywood To CA to visit my family and friends. Problem is- if I go, I may not come back.

Main Course

What kind of lotion or cream do you use to keep your hands from getting too dry?
Whatever I have on hand, but I have lots of lotions, probably about 8 bottles of different sorts.


Make up a dessert, tell us its ingredients, and give it a name. -
Sandy's Scrumtuicous Saturday Surprise
Cut up chocolate cake into pieces. Put in a casserole. Add some nuts, tiny colored marshmallows and some great ice cream. Cover with caramel syrup. Sounds YUMMY!!!!!!!


izzybella said...

The salt and pepper shakers are awesome! Have a great weekend.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Not playing today, but wanted to comment. Well, I think your practical joke is funny. Love you salad and I so understand. You have a great day and weekend Sandy. :)

**"Liza"** said...

great feast your salt and pepper shaker, it look soo cute. the dessert sounds yummy..have a great weekend!
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