Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Memes

I found a new meme this morning called the Saturday Social. They are in their 3rd week so here is my first social post.

What is your favorite holiday and why?

My Answer: My favorite holiday has always been the Fourth of July. I like it because it has always been a fun day that I get to spend with family and friends. We always have a cookout and eat homemade ice cream and lots of great food. We play games, swim, and chat the afternoon away. Then it's time for a night of fireworks. What could be better?


The Saturday Special

~I Say....You Answer...
Using words that are constantly mentioned during the Easter season, answer with the first word that comes to mind....~

1. Peace..... you answer?: Dove
2. Passion..... you answer?: of Christ
3. Forgive..... you answer?: yourself
4. Love..... you answer?: marriage


Why does the Easter bunny have a shiny nose?
His powder puff is on the wrong end.

Why did the Easter egg hide?
He was a little chicken!

Why is a bunny the luckiest animal in the world?
It has four rabbits' feet

What did the bunny want to do when he grew up?
Join the Hare Force.

How do you make a rabbit stew?
Make it wait for three hours!

How do you post a bunny?
Hare mail




Lightening said...

ROFLOL. Those were GREAT!!! Thanks so much for participating. :)

Mercedes said...

My favorite holiday is the 4th of July too! I love your Saturday Special! If you enjoy memes: I am hosting two new memes (Scrumptious Sunday & Hump Day Humor) at Mercedes Rocks. I would love to have you visit and play whenever you can:

Vashonnte said...

for my saturday social I chode the 4th of July too! such a fun holiday! Also I really love your bunny slipper picture! I had to show my husband! Haha!!

JennieBoo said...


I LOVE these cartoons!

baby~amore' said...

LOL - these are hilarious -seen the chocolate bunnies before but not the bunny slippers .

You are hereby crowned the Queen of Memes !

My Little Drummer boys

baby~amore' said...

PS I found you on Smiley Saturday link but my link went up late.

Lisa said...

Thanks for playing along! The 4th of July is a great choice! Hope to see you around again :)