Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thurday Thirteen- alphabet addition - D

Thursday 13 - "D" - in an effort to get to know me better....

1. I have two sons- David and Dennis, who are both my heroes.

2. Even though I am a cat person, we have a great very laidback dog named Buck.

3. Diet used to be my least favorite word. I am now looking forward to it. The new group blog 'She Who Diets' starts on March 21st. Come join us! Let's lose together.

4. Decorating is a passion of mine. When I had my own home, there was not a spot in it that didn't have my touvh on it. I miss that. I no longer have the money for decorating, but it's still my passion. I walk into anyone's house and automatically think how I would decorate it.

5. I love Dragonflies. I would like to decorate my bedroom in a dragonfly theme.

6. I do not like to wear dresses, never did, even as a child. Give me a pair of pants, a tshirt, and some flipflops and I'm happy.

7. December is my favorite month, because of Christmas, hubby's birthday, and a sence of a new beginning around the corner.

8. One thing I cannot do is Dance, and I have always wanted to. Hubby is an excellent dancer and I feel badly that I have no rhythm at all.

9. I save dimes. Now this may seem silly, and you may ask why dimes? Why not quarters or nickels? My grandmother had a 'dime jar' that was decorated by her. It actually was a big coffee can, but she always called it the dime jar, so that's what it was. She started on her birthday every year, and on her next birthday she would count the dimes, and I loved to help. You would really be surprised how many hundred dollars worth of dimes will fit in that jar. Try it!

10. I am a Daydreamer. I always was, and it is even written on one of my report cards to prove it, lol. I daydream every day still.

11. Another passion of mine that I no longer get to do is play in the dirt. I love to garden. There is nothing more refreshing to me than planting and playing in the dirt.

12. Dollars! Something I have very few of these days, but yearn for the day I'll them again.

13. Last but not least is my Daughter-in-law. I have an awesome one named Regina. She is one of my best friends. She's a good wife to my son and a great Mom to my granddaughters. I love her as I would my own daughter. Hopefully my other son's realtionship with a great girl will also give me another wonderful daughter-in-law.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Not playing this week, but wanted to comment. I love dragonflies too. I have a bunch of them for my Christmas tree. They are really cool. Have a great day Sandy. :)

Teena said...

Definitely a divine list!

I played too :)