Sunday, March 2, 2008

Smokey Bones - the adventure

Hubby worked last night so my son Dennis, his wife Regina and Lily picked me up about 5:30 pm for an adventure, or so they told me. Little did I know what an adventure it would be. First we headed down to Kennesaw to the new Burlington Coat Factory store that just opened. It was very nice. I wanted a new purse, but the "one" just wasn't found. I bought Lily a cap that she coming later.
Then we went to eat, or tried to. Everywhere we went had an hour to ninety minute wait just to get a table. We stopped at about five places. By this time, Lily was cranky and Regina was getting a migraine which only got worse as the evening went on. We finally stopped at Smokey Bones BBQ, a place I had never been. We walked in and they stated it was only a ten minute Great right? WRONG! I looked around... I saw every obese person's nightmare... BOOTHS!!!!! I do not fit in booths very well anymore, sad to say. It's one of my biggest fears, either not fitting at all, or getting stuck.Add that to another reason I just don't go out anymore.

I had to ask, very embarrased, if they could let us have the only table in the whole place that had a booth on one side and chairs on the other. It was a table for eight. The hostess looked like I'd just told her I would rob the place or something, she seemed very confused, so I had to explain to her that I was too dang FAT to fit in their booths. The nicest waiter in the world, a cutie named Jeff, came up and heard the conversation. He asked us to wait a minute, then proceeded to give the four of us this eight person table. The atmosphere was good, Lily was singing, things got better..... for a minute.

Regina's headache got worse, and after we ordered it took almost 45 minutes to get our food. By this time it was after 9pm, the baby was literally screaming to the dismay of all those around us and was very hungry, and Regina just wanted to go home to bed.

But..... the food was worth every minute's wait. Very very good! I even had a drink, which I've never done in front of my 31 yr old son... they have a specialty drink called a frozen Cosmorita, which was an icy concoction of margarita and cranberry with a touch of vodka thrown it. We finally left and although the night sounds awful, the adventure was fun for me anyway. I got to talk and laugh with my son, laugh and sing with with my grandbaby, and came home and slept like a baby myself.
Sorry you have a migraine Regina, hope it is better this morning. Thanks to you both for taking me out!


TroubleX2 said...

I'm still looking for "the" purse. Seems like after I buy one I find "the" one things that is wrong with it. :) Bummer! That drink sounded yummy..the cosmo? cosmo something. Short term memory loss. ha ha! Gotta go back and look at the name, so I can try one. Have a good one and drop me a note anytime!

TroubleX2 said...

Ahhhh! I hate it when I go back to check my comment and find a typo! Forgive me plz :)

Gracie said...

I found *the* perfect purse in 2001 and used it for four years straight as my everyday purse (it's now my knitting bag). The whole story: I had to have a nasogastric tube inserted and left in place for 48 hours. I felt very sorry for myself so I went to Neiman Marcus and bought a Kate Spade purse which I couldn't afford but felt I somehow deserved. After 7 years of nearly constant service and abuse, the purse has been well worth the cost - but I shudder to think at how out of control I must have been to spend that much money on a purse!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Smokey Bones!!
The ribs are fabulous and the service is almost always great.
In our restuarant, they have tables....several of them. Strange.
If you have a LOGANS try it too....very good.