Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday 13 / "J"

Getting to know me better - The letter 'J'
1. John - my son's first name, but he goes by his middle name.
2. 4th of July - my favorite part of summer. Picnic, family, watermelon, potato salad, and Fireworks!
3. Jets - they take me to see family and to great trips with my hubby.
4. Jelly Beans - I love spicy jelly beans! Yummy
5. Jack - my favorite uncle
6. Jam - I don't like jelly, but I love jam, especially homemade blackberry jam.
7. January 1st of each year - it's a new beginning every year.
8. Junk - I seem to acquire so much junk, but I like it. I love going to yard sales and swap meets to look for more junk.
9. Jokes - Nothing better than a good joke. I especially like standup comedy. (and of course Sandee over at Comedy+.
10. Jack-O-Lanterns - Halloween! Autumn... costumes, kids, candy, fun!
11. Jerry- our best friend from Phoenix!
12. J-Lo - not crazy for her music, but love every movie she's ever been in.
13. journaling - I have kept a journal for many years, still do, and feel guilty if I miss a day!


Sue said...

I definitely agree with you on the Jelly Beans, and January cause its my B-day month :) Great J list!

Happy TT!!! My list is up here:

My Life In The Urban Zoo

On a limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, I've never heard of spicy jelly beans. That sounds wonderful! Fun J list!

Happy TT

SandyCarlson said...

Nothing's better than homemade jam--especially with some jokers in July!

Di said...

July 4th where I live is the best holiday of the year!

kay said...

Great J list. I like good jokes, too. Happy TT.

Buck Naked Politics said...

Great list! Happy TT.

Janet said...

first of all, LOVE your new design!

I like Jack, too...but it's Captain Jack Sparrow :-)

My cousin's doing the alphabet and she's on J this week, too!

KC said...

Great J list.. I agree about J-Lo
Happy T13..

Lori said...

Great list....I love Jam and Jelly, Strawberry is the best:) Happy TT.

SJ Reidhead said...

I like the spicy jelly beans too!

The Pink Flamingo

Surfergirl said...

J rocks, my real name starts with J as well.

marcia said...

Do you journal in your blog or on paper?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Thanks for the mention Sandy. You are the sweetest. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Sandy M said...

Marcia, I journal on paper. I like to do it ist thing in the morning when I'm the only one up.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Great J list, I love getting to know you better.

Happy TT!
My 35th Edition
Fav Children's Authors
Always @ The Cafe.

Ivette said...

Happy Thursday 13! Love the list. Hope to see you at my 4th edition about Kerrelyn Sparks at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

colleen said...

Just dropping my to read about J's and think of my husband and son who both have J names.

Joy Renee said...

journaling, jokes and junk are three of my favorite things

i've owed you a visit from a couple weeks back. sorry it took so long.