Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sandy's Thursday Challenge

January is National Thank You Month and tomorrow is National Thank You Day.

So, my challenge is to send a thank you card, email, or ecard to someone who least expects it from you. I sent a Thank You e-card to my sister-in-law for being such a good friend to me when I need her the most. She is always there for me and is an awesome person. I think she will be surprised. Below is a list of several sites you can send free thank you cards from.
123 Greetings

Need to find an email address you've lost? Check out Freeality under email lookup.

Need really inexpensive thank you cards? Check out Pinatas and type in Thank you in the menu? 4 pages of cards to choose from.

Don't forget to come back and comment telling us who you thanked and why!

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Linda said...

I surfed here through the Over 50 Bloggers, and, since it's Thank You Week - thank you for the link to Freality!