Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Romance Challenge #1

For this week's romance challenge....

Everyone seems to be organizing their rooms, homes, papers, schedules, kids, everything for the new year. Why not organize your love life? Being married, I find it's sometimes very hard to spend quality time with my husband as life just gets in the way.
A friend of ours gave us this as a gift and swears it rekindled her love life last year, so I am going with the idea with my own twists of course. The gift was the "52 Weeks of Naughty Nights" .
Anyway, I challenge you to once a week PLAN a date night for you and your hubby, lover, boyfriend, partner, whoever your significant other may be. Just the two of you, no kids allowed. If you can't get a sitter, do the challenge after you put the kids down. Whatever the case they will from now on be called the SO=significant other. If you are single, maybe you will get some new ideas along the way.
Each week, I will post a new theme, and give ideas to help execute the theme. Most of these ideas will be free with stuff you already have at home, or cost very little. The challenge will for 7 days, so you can do it any day of the week. I think our relationships will only get better from doing this. I told my hubby, and even though he chuckled, he also stated he cannot wait to see what this weeks theme is. One week a month (the last) will be a "going out' date. The other three will be 'staying in dates'.
Since this is our first challenge and some of us may struggle with it, the theme for week #1 is.......

Start planning.Think back to when you first fell in love, your first date, first night dining out, first night of passion.... build on the theme.
Dress for the occasion. You don't have to dress up but put on some makeup, shave those legs, look the way you wanted him to see you back in the beginning.
Set the music. What kind of music did you like then? Buy a cd, download an album, or just find the right radio channel with just music and no talking.
Light those candles.
Feed him. Serve up not what he likes now, but what you ate back in the beginning. Cook it or get takeout in advance, or have it delivered right before the date starts.
Flirt with him! Pay total attention to your SO. Like you did in the beginning, with no talk of the kids, the house repairs, the family, etc.... Concentrate on your SO and only your SO.
After dinner, do something you used to like to do.... watch a movie, take a bath together, play a game, sit and talk for a long time about each other, whatever you did in the beginning.
Thank him for spending the evening with you on your special planned date night. Give him a very sensuous kiss and take it from there.
You never of course have to tell us any details, but please do let us know if you participated in the challenge and give us your own ideas about your theme. This may help us add to our own ideas.
Good luck and have a great time!

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