Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 on Tuesday / Superstitions

10 Superstitions, Traditions, and/or Personality Quirks

1. If a black cat crosses the road in front of me, I still "X" it out.

2. Growing up, I was not allowed fish in the house (even goldfish), because a house with live fish in it is a house with no money.

3. Also, we were not allowed to play games with dice, because that was causing the family finances to be gambled away. Bullcrap. huh?

4. I still won't walk across a grave at the cemetary.

5. I do not walk under ladders.

6. Little noises make me crazy. Like a clock ticking, water dripping, stuff like that.

7. I don't like for my food to touch each other on my plate. Weird I know, but I've always been that way.

8. I am an obsessive list maker. I have a list for almost everything.

9. I do not like paper napkins. I would rather use a cloth napkin anytime.

10. If I see a picture hanging crooked, I have to straighten it. No matter where I am.

Geez, I didn't realize how weird I was until I did this, lol. I even asked hubby to help me come up with some and he thought of about 10 more. Oh well, that's who I am I guess, a weirdo!


Steph said...

Oh I am so about number 6! thanks for popping by! Hope to see you soon.

Steph said...
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Florinda said...

I've never heard the one about the fish before.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Lazy Daisy said...

Very interesting list. I like cloth napkins and always have to have a cloth table cloth (no plastic one for this girl!)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Not playing, but wanted to comment. Well, I don't think you are any more weird than anyone else. We all have our little quirks. You just admitted yours, most don't. Hope all is well. :)

Simply Shannon said...

I had forgotten about "x"ing out a black cat and I also don't walk across a grave.

Great Ten on Tuesday post!

Joyce said...

Hi, Sandy! Thanks for stopping by my Ten on Tuesday. I'm with you on #8 and #10. Also, I LOVE your Tinkerbell picture. :P

Irishcoda said...

My stepdaughter doesn't want her food to touch either. I can understand some but not others--like, why is having a fish in the house a sign you've got no money? Interesting!

The Holistic Knitter said...

I too have to straighten pictures.
I can't sleep without a ticking clock though! ;0)

Vashonnte said...

aww you arent weird at all! i do a lot of those things too, like the food thing it seriously drives me crazy and i get grossed out, and i wont walk across graves either my mom told me it was disrespectful when i was a little kid. i love your list! happy day!