Saturday, May 3, 2008

Finally... I'm approved.

I have tried twice before to get approved for PayPerPost and got denied each time. The first time, I did not have enough posts (must have 60 or more). The second time my blog wasn't old enough (must be 6 months old). So I guess the third time is a charm. I searched through my email this morning and there it was, very approval letter. I am actually very excited about it.

My blog will stay personal with my usual memes, photos, and other stuff. I will occasionally now be able to add a payperpost posting as well. As those of you that read my blog on a regular basis know, I am in desperate times with money now. I can no longer work and am waiting on my disability to be approved, so any little extra helps. I made $32.00 at my son's yard sale this morning, which bought me groceries.

I've been seeing PayPerPost badges on a lot of my friends blogs that I check regularly, and have been interested for quite some time. Check out the PayPerPost website if you are interested in earning some extra cash with blog marketing. I do know several blogging buddies that have been paid by them every single month, so they are legitimate. They even have something called PayPerPost University that teaches you everything you need to know and answers all your questions.

Since my blog was finally approved, now I can make a little extra money and still go on blogging about the things I love. I am very happy about this.

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