Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heads or Tails / Share a special memory

"Share a special memory" is the theme at Heads or Tails this week.

As a young girl in the 60s, I was addicted to music. I had a radio by my bed much like this one and I listened to all the pop songs of the decade all the time. But every single morning as long as I can remember, I woke up to country music blasting from the kitchen. It may be the reason I still can't stand country music today. My grandparents loved it. Anything to do with country or the Opry was great to them. I knew it was time to get up when I heard the Sick Call program come on. I thought this was the most morbid show in the history of radio. It came on then WJMW, now WKAC radio with Mary Romine and her husband. After their deaths, their daughter Jill took over and it is still on today from what I hear. (I no longer live in that state). "Sick Call" is a daily program which lists recent deaths and people in the hospital. It has been on since 1953. Right after Sick Call came Swap and shop, where locals called in selling stuff or wanting to buy stuff or to tell where their yard sales were located. Even though I hated hearing those shows, they bring back wonderful memories. The smell of bacon cooking, as my grandma cooked a full breakfast seven days a week; my grandparents voices discussing their upcoming day, and best of all, my grandma coming in to see if I was awake yet. I miss them very much. Isn't it funny how the things we hate can bring out the best memories in us?


Simply Shannon said...

Mmmm now I want bacon! I so miss my grandparents and parents. Thank you for posting an awesome memory!

Frances said...

Your post brought back memories of my grandma - her homecooked meals & all her favorite TV shows.
The TV was her window to the world.

Sanctity of Life said...

Reading your posts reminds me of home. LOL @ your grandparents listening to sick call...

I love it!

Your blog is seriously awesome. Good job! I'll be back w/more comments :D

Laane said...

So many grandparents are special.
And they have created special memories.

It brings tears to my eyes to read this.

Want to read about one of my memories:


Have a great day!

Mary Beth said...

There are certain songs that bring back such sharp memories - I can see what chair I was sitting in and what book I was reading. Others - I swear I never heard before.