Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blow me away!

I am on the lookout for two new Ceiling fans , one for my kitchen and one for the bedroom. While on my search, I found some very unique and interesting fans while on my search.

Photobucket I love this one. In my small apartment, this would cool two rooms. I have never seen a double ceiling fan like this one before.

Photobucket I have also never seen a fan that does a complete 360. This is just Amazing. It kind of looks like a bingo ball holder, doesn't it?

I wish I had a big front porch to put this Outdoor Ceiling Fans on. PhotobucketThis Minka Ceiling Fan is just gorgeous for outside. It even uses halogen lighting. My dream porch has two of these fans, along with several rocking chairs, some wicker and of course a pitcher of lemonade and a good book.

I can't decide on just one. Of course I'm just window shopping this morning, as I cannot afford a new ceiling fan at this time, but this site has the prettiest ones I've seen. They have a huge selection with all prices from the thirties to over four hundred dollars. I wish I didn't have caviar dreams and beer money as my grandad used to say. But seriously, check out these fans when you get a chance to window shop.... I bet you'll find one you like. When you do, let me know which one. Who knows, I may hit the lottery and buy all of us one.


Gracie said...

Love the fans! I'm looking for one and am grateful for the fan warehouse.
Where did the second fan come from?

Hootin' Anni said...

I've seen those 'exotic' looking fans myself and love 'em.

Sandy M said...

Gracie, they all came from the site. You may can get them cheaper elsewhere, but I brosed their site a long time, and just love it.