Thursday, May 8, 2008

Will you still watch?

I was on my favorite Reality TV News site tonight and was reading about the DOG! OMG, I used to love this show... I guess that my upbringing is shining through, but there is just something about him and Beth and their family that I love. They were A&E's TOP rated show! And they are coming back.
Ok, I also admit... My name is Sandy and I am a "Reality Shows" junkie! There I said it, now you know my secret. It all started with Survivor, season 1. The addiction grew. I don't like the Bachelor ones, but I am currently watching 'Farmer Takes a Wife'. I'm in bad shape, I know, lol.
But my question is = Did you watch Dog the Bounty Hunter? Will you watch him again when the new shows start next month?
And , yes, I probably will.

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CastoCreations said...

I didn't watch it very often but did when there was nothing else on and really enjoyed it.

Now I'm indulging in the guilty pleasure of Farmer Wants a Wife. It's hilarious but oh so dumb. :)