Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Skulls, and it's not even Halloween yet

My crazy hubby and I were online looking at this costumes website for plus size Renaissance costumes and he found this lampshade cover covered with skulls for only $2.99. When we met he was almost addicted to skulls. UGH! Finally I thought this was something he was over. Not! He passed on his skull addiction to his nephew Chris in Louisiana so he ordered this for him. Yeah, right, huh?

Anyway I could not get him to stop looking at the Halloween Decorations long enough to help me find a costume to wear to the Renaissance fair on the 17th. But I must admit this is a really cool site with lots of fun stuff! If you go look, look at the Lady Juliet plus size gown. It less than thirty dollars and I think it's pretty. It just looks so hot though ( not hot as in "wow baby hot", but hot as in "sweaty miserable hot". What do you think?

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