Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 on Tuesday

10 Favorite Time Wasters
1. Browsing the internet
2. buying too much makeup, lip gloss, nail polish, flip flops, and pink stuff!

3. Window shopping online
4. Flickr - I'm a flickr addict!
5. being a couch potato (not often, but there are those days)
6. watching the fish in the aqaurium, it relaxes me.
7. writing in my journal, because I doubt if anyone will ever read them anyway
8. planning my to do list, because it Never gets done
9. watching reality tv
10. memes, but I'm addicted and can't stop.


Sonya said...

Lately I've becomed addicted to buying ELF products and I LOVE pink!

storyteller said...

Looks like we’ve got #7 and 10 in common on our ToT list today. Mine was a ‘rush job’ because I forgot all about it until I looked at Yano’s email reminder this morning … but hopefully it’s good enough. I created my HoTs post last night so I wouldn’t be late to my Photoshop class this morning … and now I’m home … eating some lunch and checking blogs before I take Molly for a walk.
Hugs and blessings,