Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Favorite Photo

When we were living in Phoenix, AZ, it had rained all morning. I went for my usual afternoon walk, with my camera always in my pocket, and looked up. I never took cloud shots before, but I thought, oh well, I'll try. To date this is my favorite photo of all I've taken, excluding family of course.
I found a new photo blog (photo blogs are my newest blog addiction). This one is called Pho-Tog-B-Log.
Some of this blogs photos could be greeting cards. Great pages and pages of pics! Take the time to visit, everyone like to look at pictures. Thanks!


crickl's nest said...

LOVE it! There are lots of beautiful sky moments here (I'm in Phoenix now). But they don't last long. Good job bringing a camera on your walk!

Thanks for stopping by today too!

Jim said...

Hi Sandy, yes this one is very nice. I will take sky pictures now and then, I always carry my camera too when I walk. That's how I caught the pink car.

Thanks for the visit, Happy WW!

Mar said...

Beautiful shot!! I like the shadow of a tree in it too.
Happy WW!

Natalie said...

That is a great photo!

Shinade said...

Hi Sandy,
I finally figured out how to find all of us Red Drops thanks to Marzie and also Maggie's wonderful little bookmarks she made for us.

Wow...this is a stunning picture. And one of those rare moments that are truly hard to capture.

Off to meet and drop on more drops. I hope you have a fantastic day:-)

Arielle said...

wow! I love it very inspiring.

poor man's nicole richie said...

that promises a new beginning, doesn't it?
c",) Morning Sniffles

Rebecca said...

That's so beautiful!

joy said...

happy WW. this is a great shot of the sky. you can probably sell this as royalty free ;)

joshua said...

i'm humming in my mind: there's a blue sky, waiting tomorrow shining shimmering.
thanks for stopping by my WW