Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Orange Texas

Hubs and I were sitting here going through pictures and we found a whole envelope of our tiny trip to the small town of Orange, TX where the population is 18000 and you can buy a mdesium sized nice house for $56000. Hubs aunt lived here before they sent her to Beaumont to the rest home. Orange is on the Texas/Louisiana border. We stayed at the Best Western on the I-10.
Only took us a day to pack up her tiny house and get her moved. We stayed three days, and looked around. I loved the Shangri-La Botanical Gardens but hubs only loved one thing - the Stark Museum of Art. It is one of the most prominent and distictive museums of American Western Art in the country. He is totally into anything like that, and would open his own museum if he could.

We stayed in this solid white two story building all afternoon. I am not into museums, but they did have a lot of collectione to look at; like Western American Art, Indian Art, Books and Manuscripts, and my fave Decorative arts. We have a pic of the original James Audobon book 'The Birds of America'. They also have tours and a research library. The Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation was founded in 1961 and was founded to promote the arts and education. All in all it was a good day. Hubs must have liked it...he is still sitting here looking at and talking about the pictures.
Hubs loves small towns, and I think he would have moved to Orange if given the chance. But me, I'm a city girl stuck in a small town. Orange is located on the Sabine River. Lots of boating, skiing, fishing, jetskiing, and a huge fishing tournement every year. The water makes it a great place. But we do now support the Stark Museum. Well at least we did before we stopped having money.
So tell me. Have you ever been to Orange Texas? Do you and your family like museums? What kind? Are you a small town or a big city person?

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