Friday, May 30, 2008

Social Spark is Now Live!

So many people are very excited about this and I am one of them.

SocialSpark is the wonderful opportunity for you to meet other bloggers. This helps you to improve your page rank and this also increase your traffic score. Even you can create these opportunity by creating an account as an advertiser which is totally free. I have accepted several Sparks (do not get paid for those), and a few opportunities. The Sparks I chose were to mention another blogger's blog in my post, and in turn, they mention mine. A great way to get more traffic!

Until recently, the nickname for bloggers who accepted assignments from PayPerPost to help advertisers get the word out about their products and services by blogging for pay were called Posties. Now there is another nickname for us-Sparkies. That is because we belong to PayPerPost's Sister Program called SocialSpark, which is a "Social Marketing Network." What is the difference? On Social Spark both Posties and Advertisers can create their own profiles and interact directly. Whereas PayPerPost assignments are selected one at a time from a list of current offers, through Social Spark, the Sparkies and advertisers can get together and arrange whatever works best for both of them. An advertiser who is pleased with a bloggers work can seek the blogger out of Social Spark and solicit a standing ad. My profile's name is Sandy M. If you sign up, and I don't know why you wouldn't, please add me as a friend. I chose that name because that is what you all know me as.

I like how the bloggers are able to sort of vote for (opp) or against an ad (drop) or each other! This gives bloggers who want to “line-up” for a post, a better idea on how an ad may or may not be worth doing. From what I’ve noticed so far, bloggers are getting into the “team work” spirit and giving each other props as well.

This extremely new platform, Social Spark brings a few outstanding changes. The main changes of course are to bring benefits for both parties. Firstly, they are search engine friendly, nobody is going to be get harmed again. And bloggers can write about what they want, it is no limitation and restriction.

They require In-Post Disclosure -100% Transparency so my blogging friends know that although the post may be really good to check out, I am getting paid for that post. I like that part as I do not want to be dishonest with my blogger friends.

I am excited about this, but in a disclosable manner, lol. THIS IS A PAID POST :-) !

If you are interested in becoming one of us - a Sparky. Come and join SocialSpark today.

(sponsored by SocialSpark)

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