Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grandma likes rap

One of my little secrets - I like 'most' rap and Hip Hop music. Snoop Dog is my favorite, and I love his show and his new song "Can't Say Goodbye" with Charlie Wilson. I also like Ne-yo, Missy Elliott, Jay Z, Ice T, and Timbaland to name a few. I'm a lyrics fanatic, because I like to know what they are saying. I don't listen to the real vulgar ones or the ones about dying and killing and suicides. I have a lot of Rap Music Lyrics that I found here. They have a huge huge list of lyrics from artists I know and many I never heard of. I went to i-Tunes and bought the new Ego Trippin album with points I had there already. I love it!
Oh well, now you know something else weird about me!


Mariuca said...

He he what a cute secret, I love Ne-Yo too! ;)

crazy working mom said...

You go Granny! *wink*
I live in central Arkansas where most folks listen to country ALL of the time. I used to sing in a country band. But, I listen to rap, pop, rock, etc. I don't DISLIKE Country, I have just strayed from it and I don't listen much anymore.

We should hang out!

Gracie said...

Who'd have guessed! Great secret! You rock, Ms Sandy