Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wig or Hair extensions?

I want a new haircut and as some of you know.. I just do not know what to do with it. It hasn't changed in over fifteen years. My sister in law suggested I check out a site for Wigs to choose a hairstyle that might suit me. A lot of celebrities shop here so it shows their looks as well. If you will go to the site, I will tell you which few I prefer, and then give me your honest opinion. Also, I know Nothing about doing hair and am very low maintenance.
One of my faves, on the site's front page is the Scorpio/Revlon. I really like that look, but not sure it would be easy to fix or look good on my pear shaped face. I don't want to go too short til I lose more weight. This is a bob cut and I've always liked that look. This wig can also be found in the synthetic wig section.
I like H-214/Beverly Johnson under the Human Hair Wigs. It has curls, wispy bangs, and looks very low maintenance, like I need. But I don't know if I could get my real to look curly like that without messing it up with a perm. I don't like perms at all. And I wear hair color to hide those ugly gray hairs, and hair color and perms don't match.
Hubs like this one here , but it is waaaay too short for me. Been there - done that- swore I'd never go there again. It is a Real Hair Wig called Extravagance by Alan Eaton. Again, just a blow dry would do it though.
Shoot, maybe I should just buy a wig from this site, but I think it would drive me crazy. Have you ever worn a wig?
So if you would take a look, and advise me when you get time, I would appreciate it.


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Call me crazy but my advice is to love yourself clear down to each and every strand of grey hair ( and each and every pound). You earned it! Wear it like a badge of woman hood with confidenceand radiance!

Carole said...

(I think that first comment must be from a man. I dye my hair too! :-)

Anyway, I like the "Scorpio" one also and I think that style would look very nice on you, and it looks very easy to maintain. I agree that wavy one might be hard to do if your hair isn't naturally curly, and yeah, definitely no on the perm. Please take pics after you get your hair cut whatever you decide to do, I'd love to see.

Anonymous said...

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Lace Front said...

Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for bringing these all together into one post. There’s quite a few that I hadn’t encountered before.