Thursday, May 29, 2008

Added Some Spark to my Life

I signed up at two of my blogs at SocialSpark by IZEA Inc and I love it! The social aspect is kind of a cross between facebook/MySpace for the community involvement, and I've found new friends and good blogs there. The Spark itself is similar to Blog Catalog and My Blog Log. Bottom line it helps bring more traffic to your blog. Also a great benefit is making some extra cash with your blog or blogs. I like SocialSpark for this as it shows your honest side. SocialSpark wants 100% real opinions. They desire your true feelings and opinions on the topic that you would be posting about. They want you to take only topics that relate to you so that you can be truly honest with your opinions. Then they require In-Post Disclosure -100% Transparency so my blogging friends know that although the post may be really good to check out, I am getting paid for that post.
I like the money making aspect, and although I do not expect to get rich from it, I can however make gas and grocery money each month, which we desperately need right now. It is so easy with SocialSpark. You go to opportunities and browse for what interests you. YOU CHOOSE!
Say you are a Mom or a Grandma like me, you may want to do one regarding children's toys. You just click on Reserve this opportunity, and you then have 12 hours to post to your blog and submit the post to Social Spark.
Photobucket This is what the opportunities page looks like. There are many pages to pick from. On other sites you will see just sponsored posts. Here there are not one, but three types of opportunities. Sponsored post is like other normal posts where you have to write about advertiser and get paid. Blog sponsorship means if your blog has good targeted visitors your blog will get sponsorship. Here you have to just accept the offer you will be paid daily till the sponsorship runs out. Spark is the wonderful opportunity for you to meet other bloggers. This helps you to improve your page rank and this also increase your traffic score. Even you can create these opportunity by creating an account as an advertiser which is totally free.
Plus, if you see an opportunity you are interested in and it is not available to you, SocialSpark allows you to contact the advertiser and request that they make it available to you. No other company does that. This not only helps you meet the advertiser, but maintain a connection with them. So give them a try! If you aren't interested in making the money, the community itself is awesome. But you will be so glad you did. I know I am. Thanks!
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