Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you use a webhost?

I am considering using a web host for one of my blogs. I know nothing about it or who to use. I found this site with absolutely great web hosting tutorials and articles. They don't however recommend a certain web host provider. The articles are very informative and it was very worth my while, as I learned a lot of stuff. It can be very beneficial to anyone who is wanting to know about web hosting, and don't know much, like me.
Finding a good host is not about finding the most expensive one, but one that has 24 hour customer support, and if the web host pages loads slowly, yours probably would too if you used them.
So my question is - do you have any experience with web hosting companies, and who do you recommend?

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Mec said...

nope i don't :) my friends tell me it's better to stick with blogger since it's chummy with google, and is better protected :)

anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog for the photohunt... was still too sick to bloghop back sooner :)

Mec of Hope This Helps You